ONES TO WATCH:  Smoke Season’s “Sweetest Thing” Is a Dance-Worthy Track Full of Infectious Island Beats

A favorite music outlet features Smoke Season’s new single Sweetest Thing:

“Made up of Gabby Bianco and Jason Rosen, Los Angeles duo Smoke Season is out to make the world a little weirder, one song at a time. The outspoken pair leaves no stone uncovered in their songwriting, often opting to tackle tough subjects that hit close to home, such as discussions of gender, sexuality, and race. Translating these heavy topics into dance-worthy electronic pop songs is a singular skill of Smoke Season, and something they perform with incredible tact. The result will have you swaying your hips uncontrollably to their infectious beats.

Smoke Season’s newest single is inspired by Rosen’s part-Jamaican heritage. “Sweetest Thing” is backed by steel drum island rhythms, conjuring up images of dancing in the sand to the warm glow of a bonfire. Slowly building in intensity throughout, the song culminates in a joyful chorus of voices singing in unison. The lyrics invoke the fresh boldness of early infatuation: “Your face is killing me / I can feel you all over my skin / You want my hand, I’ll give you my touch.” The song expresses intense feelings of desire with a refreshingly innocent playfulness, obvious without being too forward and universal enough to include all types of love.”

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