Smoke Season pay homage to the City of Angels on rocksteady-inspired ‘Up On Me’ 

LA’s power duo Smoke Season have been cultivating the finest slices of indie-electronica and continue to explore their sound which each new release. On their newest single, “Up On Me” the duo take a rocksteady approach to their already colorful palette, and deliver their love letter to Los Angeles. Pairing the track with a matching visual that depicts the crevices of the streets they call home, “Up On Me” is a clear product of love and influences that have nurtured their creativity.

“We’ve lived in Silverlake / Echo Park for the last decade,” they share. “It’s become the inspiration and backdrop to almost all of our music. We felt like it was time to pay homage to our turf and our community.” Built from a chilled tempo, the track’s melody marries a rocksteady time signature, which fits frontwoman Gabby Bianco’s vocals exquisitely. Jason Rosen’s muted picking style and gracious tropical rhythms pull from the reggae realm and nourish the track’s electronic elements. Completing the restitution of bliss, Bianco and Rosen meld vocals for pristine harmonizing and add their contemporary touches on the revived sound.



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